Tag: Dee Cohen

After Fumigation by Dee Cohen

A week after fumigation the Jade plant out front dropped its leaves, small fleshy pads littered the courtyard and I pushbroomed them into piles, the cement stained and slippery with their juice. Within a month the bark puckered and pulled away from the inside… Continue Reading “After Fumigation by Dee Cohen”

Another Country by Dee Cohen

There is a problem with the calendar. Days flip by like cards from a deck and years change number without warning. All those holidays circled in red belong to people that don’t belong to you. Your house is a shell that the seasons bang… Continue Reading “Another Country by Dee Cohen”

Catalina by Dee Cohen

The ocean is strange from this direction, sharp stoned and bottle green. Waves wear down the rusty cliffs and spill out over the coarse sand. You are on the other side, waiting, your mouth a thin horizon of doubt. At night the hills lean… Continue Reading “Catalina by Dee Cohen”