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Mulberry & Mott Street by Ray Bianchi

“Scent of their very Bread caused their ire” NEW YORK TIMES, 1914 talking of the riots of white Americans in New York’s Little Italy and the reactions of the native born who burned the Vesuvio Bakery. colors and lights quadrangles and circles small white… Continue Reading “Mulberry & Mott Street by Ray Bianchi”

Plaza De Mayo Buenos Aires 1995 by Ray Bianchi

The curve of a woman’s knee Crossed Beneath an elegant silk dress. I look at her and inquire, with my mind When encountering another, who is strangely familiar A face that haunts and gives you the dryness In your mouth, like a fifteen year… Continue Reading “Plaza De Mayo Buenos Aires 1995 by Ray Bianchi”

Robie House by Ray Bianchi

When a work of art is experienced walked into breathed in through the nostrils it takes on a different feel almost like savoring a good meal. noticing the little things, opens new doors, and closes drafty windows. letting out the musty air daring to… Continue Reading “Robie House by Ray Bianchi”