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Boston Common by Michael Keshigian

In order to think, to contemplate and appreciate dilemmas brought on by modern life, he often took to strolling through the public gardens amid the verdant calmness of time honored trees and sprawling greenways that survived the patriotic acts of revolution, just far enough… Continue Reading “Boston Common by Michael Keshigian”

Fish Cove by Michael Keshigian

Beneath the dock from which he casts, the water is shallow and clear, the sodden earth that bears the weight of liquid is speckled with shoots that will eventually surface into a stage upon which the basso bull frog will perform his aria. Occasionally,… Continue Reading “Fish Cove by Michael Keshigian”

Home Again by Michael Keshigian

Abandoned house, are there only spiders and rodents residing amid your rooms? I see my distorted image upon the fogged glass of the old storm door, and feel like a prowler, appraising the value of items upon your walls or tucked in your corners,… Continue Reading “Home Again by Michael Keshigian”

Wildflowers by Michael Keshigian

What is love but the dried up bulbs the gardener insists on planting to everyone’s objections that irrationally burst into magnificent dahlias. The lunacy of uncertainty, a fascination of delight, most often unpredictable. Wild grow the flowers of the heart in the garden of… Continue Reading “Wildflowers by Michael Keshigian”

Blue Ghost by Michael Keshigian

Her eyes and the lake are his memories, cobalt images of clarity and purity, running deep. It was in this cove where the black spotted loon dove head first into the heart of blue, attracting the tender pulse of her affection inciting her to… Continue Reading “Blue Ghost by Michael Keshigian”

What To Do With Intangibleles by Michael Keshigian

Early morning, snow teases the outstretched branches of birch with help from the wind. It is cold, but inside the stove’s warmth cradles the recliner in the lamplight where he reads poems. His fingers, thick and calloused, flip pages enthusiastically. He notices the shape… Continue Reading “What To Do With Intangibleles by Michael Keshigian”