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Early Signs by Lori Kean

The road ban notices went up sometime last week, forcing the low howl of 18 wheels down my way. And after them will come the gravel trucks, back and forth, back and forth; always another load, another job, all summer long. But for now… Continue Reading “Early Signs by Lori Kean”

In God We Trust by Lori Kean

The copper (or whatever they’re made of these days) glints in the noonday sun, pulling my attention away from other, less sparkling thoughts. I stop and stare for a moment, deciphering and distinguishing, quickly executing my singular health ritual of always assessing worth versus… Continue Reading “In God We Trust by Lori Kean”

The Dead Leaf by Lori Kean

I watched it through the blue-green bar of my upper windshield while waiting for the light to change. It was a Monday. I sensed before it even happened that this pneuma of summer, this once giver of shade and refuge would surrender its instinctive… Continue Reading “The Dead Leaf by Lori Kean”

Joe’s Siblings by Lori Kean

They bake a cake every year and we celebrate you. They know your name and they know how old you would have been this year. They don’t know about the aching that creeps into my arms in the night still. After all this time.… Continue Reading “Joe’s Siblings by Lori Kean”

Bjoin Park and Beyond by Lori Kean

  Though it looks so different it still feels like home to me where you and I used to play, getting lost in our imagination day after day while mother worried. And John there with us, talking of friends getting shot in the leg,… Continue Reading “Bjoin Park and Beyond by Lori Kean”