Tag: Pushcart Nominee

The Conversation by David Harbilas

__A room talks to itself, the man inside doesn’t answer, and it raises its voice. Down the hall another room hears this ranting and answers in a raised tone. Neither can understand the other,these two rooms speaking in tongues. __After a while, the man… Continue Reading “The Conversation by David Harbilas”

rain shadows by Barbara F. Lefcowitz

Long a student of rain I was glad to discover yet another dimension of its many shadows. This time not feathery stripes or braided strands but white-rimmed dark ovals scudding across a page. If I didn’t know they’d been cast by the rain streaming… Continue Reading “rain shadows by Barbara F. Lefcowitz”

Memorial Day by Edward Wier

On the back porch In the early evening, Around the old aluminum table with the smell of citronella Under the pine trees, Between the horns of Sousa, During the quieter parts My parent’s voices leak through Like battle cries In contrapuntal dissonance. Mother’s high… Continue Reading “Memorial Day by Edward Wier”