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Alteration by Agnes Vojta

The dress fit her perfectly for years; it wore comfortably, and she liked the way she looked in it – until one day, it suddenly felt too short, too tight, the seams fraying. She tried to adjust it, pulled and tugged, but it didn’t… Continue Reading “Alteration by Agnes Vojta”

How to Walk on Slickrock by Agnes Vojta

Trust your brain and feet to read, instinctively, the interplay of gravity and friction. Do not second-guess whether you will be able to walk down the steep slope. Commit to your step without hesitation. Put your full weight on your feet, walk erect, with… Continue Reading “How to Walk on Slickrock by Agnes Vojta”

Train to Uncertainty by Agnes Vojta

While you are living your questions and listen for the elusive answers that may never come, the universe pulls the rug out from under you and slams the door shut. You are left in a rubble of regrets. You should have jumped on the… Continue Reading “Train to Uncertainty by Agnes Vojta”