Tag: Patricia L. Hamilton

This Sweater by Patricia L. Hamilton

You think I shouldn’t wear it? Even if it’s my favorite? Well, maybe so. But its pink is the delicate hue of plum blossoms fluttering in the breeze after an endless season of sullen gray clouds and humorless rain, its intricate pattern the wisdom… Continue Reading “This Sweater by Patricia L. Hamilton”

What Part of No by Patricia L. Hamilton

Don’t you understand? You could be her grandfather. Falcon stooping prey. Fresh-picked berry, crushed. Fragrant blossom cast aside. Hummingbird wing, cut. Cloak yourself in shame. No excuses. Douse the fire, stir the embers cold. Lust exposed to light: your name a scrap of paper,… Continue Reading “What Part of No by Patricia L. Hamilton”