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The old man in the cage by Sean Lause

It is Sunday. The old man in the cage is wheeled through the town again. His lips tremble with violations. There must have been a time when he was young. He signatures the air with words they cannot decipher. He is no one. Though… Continue Reading “The old man in the cage by Sean Lause”

The others by Sean Lause

A cat approached me with a note on her paw that read “cat.” This was sound advice, made more sense than my “philosophy.” Yet still I craved for more. So dragonfly came: “I knit past to present faster than the mind can compute.” Spider… Continue Reading “The others by Sean Lause”

Fourth base by Sean Lause

  Our diamond was gold and soft as rosin, good for sliding, yet for every run we made we nearly died. For our diamond had a single flaw, a fourth base no one ever touched, but each had to pass on the way to… Continue Reading “Fourth base by Sean Lause”