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I Won’t Say The Name by Christopher McCarthy

My friend’s rapist three-day dry gluestick I won’t say the name retracting back into himself revolting, captor. The other two that came with him lost erections and eventually they let her go. I remember the pillowed box They put Joanie in after she died.… Continue Reading “I Won’t Say The Name by Christopher McCarthy”

Once by Christopher McCarthy

Once, as a child, I was playing hide and seek at our house in the city. Sardine in a hole, hiding ontop of Diana, and Mark starts singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it, wash your hands!’ I burst. Out. Laughed. Peed myself.… Continue Reading “Once by Christopher McCarthy”

Cry Lots For Father by Christopher McCarthy

The building maker’s second son walks up and down flight after flight of stairs with a ring of keys. Lock doors. Count A. B. Still. The site is under construction. Mid-morning groaning ceases for fifteen minutes. Then the first call is heard. ‘Lot 47’.… Continue Reading “Cry Lots For Father by Christopher McCarthy”

Imagine Charlotte by Christopher McCarthy

Fly to the place (not the person) in your mind. Do it in a dream. Imagine it’s years from now. Laugh. Cover. Laugh some more. Know so little of each other and so much. Mother. Meet family. Love. A daughter. Moon. Heartbeat. Red. Art,… Continue Reading “Imagine Charlotte by Christopher McCarthy”