Tag: David Harbilas

Beyond the Foliage by David Harbilas

___A man from a slate quarry saw leaves turn their colors and sensed his imminent death. He paced his bags and drove south, beyond the foliage. ___The trees there changed, so he drove away again. This continued for a while until he came to…

Midnight Snack by David Harbilas

Unfinished arguments left on dinner plates, with a telephone that speaks of adultery.

The Conversation by David Harbilas

__A room talks to itself, the man inside doesn’t answer, and it raises its voice. Down the hall another room hears this ranting and answers in a raised tone. Neither can understand the other,these two rooms speaking in tongues. __After a while, the man…

The Critics by David Harbilas

The party crowd under dire lights holding false sacraments, and the laughing couple in the corner with sharp tongues.