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The Sea from San Pedro, Pt. Fermin Park by David Newman

The waves come in optimism, two seagulls mimic nonchalantly & one swoops down, then upwards floating – it’s sea – the air Off the sad horizon a jagged long stretch of mountain leisurely boasting, “it is, I, you’ve no doubt heard of, the California… Continue Reading “The Sea from San Pedro, Pt. Fermin Park by David Newman”

Dysfunctional Dog Camp by David Newman

It was rough. Carlos pumping iron A helicopter putters by, then Birds chirp Someone is near the bushes turning on an antennae t.v…     off & on every few minutes letting the fuzzy noise (& only the fuzzy noise) emanate A child squeals & calls… Continue Reading “Dysfunctional Dog Camp by David Newman”

The Fire by David Newman

A million shades of bland ripe perfection succulent to the ______cornea, ebullient polychromatic shape festivals parading back n forth through the mirrors never in focus bits of desire that burn in the fire.