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TOSAITHEOIR by Seamus M. Murphy

My buck-toothed & aching father would laugh at things he didn’t understand.  Aaron had a star & crescent moon beneath his eye & he’d lie down at the barber shop. Red used his hand for a razor strop, & long leather hanging down gave… Continue Reading “TOSAITHEOIR by Seamus M. Murphy”

NECTARINE by Seamus M. Murphy

She spent the rosefish hour being new, & lay across my mouth & whistled to stars that fluttered across the gingertops. She was conjured by the fragrance of heat   & sliced peaches.  It was in late July when the cicadas mutter in the… Continue Reading “NECTARINE by Seamus M. Murphy”

SWEET TOOTH by Seamus M. Murphy

In November darkness, the closed stars shine like yes in a crowded room.  We assign some type of feeling to events like these. We want, & tremble like your mother’s knees after hours spent behind some foolish contemplation.  We love the things we wish… Continue Reading “SWEET TOOTH by Seamus M. Murphy”