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Hoover Dam by jim dolan

he pulled the blue ford business man’s coupe over to the side, a gravelled stretch, and out we climbed, onto the hoover dam.  the concrete shell blocked the black rock gorge, and behind it all the blue water in the world waited, angry at… Continue Reading “Hoover Dam by jim dolan”

Liftoff by jim dolan

below, the desert is already tucking itself into night, the tan mountains shining on their western aspects, with purple robes unfurled from their pinnacles to the east.   the land is deeply carved with light and shade, running east to the severe corrugations of… Continue Reading “Liftoff by jim dolan”

summer in mimosa by jim dolan

one summer, my tenth, i think, we spent living on the roof of the garage. we kept a pair of ten foot tall stilts leaning up against the edge of the roof, and would from time to time step onto them, go striding down… Continue Reading “summer in mimosa by jim dolan”

conquistador by jim dolan

now, my street runs   northsouth  curves west then back east again becomes Sylvan, the old forest road to the trinity bottoms, then, across and into town there’s a place where 5 mile creek appears above ground awhile then hides again on it’s way… Continue Reading “conquistador by jim dolan”

man, stick, black lab by jim dolan

holding a long stick the man steps through leaves like piles of hardened flame the black lab leaps gleefully his pink flag tongue hangs from his red mouth  white teeth gleam   he knows the stick will arc through the sky  he’ll run joyous… Continue Reading “man, stick, black lab by jim dolan”

The Revenants by jim dolan

(from the Fr. revenir-to return; those who have returned, the spirits of the dead, returning to the site of their deaths) he was just back     from africa, where he’d caught the spirochete, or a virus, syph–who knows?  maybe he just cracked in… Continue Reading “The Revenants by jim dolan”