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Cute Aggression by Mark Danowsky

Eating baby carrots I try not to feel my teeth crushing fingers even though I’m sure this is not what it’s like to chew through bone I look at the dog but he’s not going to give me concrete answers They call it “cute… Continue Reading “Cute Aggression by Mark Danowsky”

Old Friend by Mark Danowsky

As it turns out We were not meant to live Similar lives Albeit growing Up together Then splitting As limb from trunk Pushes toward sunlight Breaking canopy Knowing nothing Except need

On Break by Mark Danowsky

Sitting between frozen dinners deodorant and pain relief a red umbrella blocks squares of skylight leaves only fluorescent gleam cast off scuffed polished floor flat black metal table shiny packaging all that lines each shelf waiting for you to consider if any of these… Continue Reading “On Break by Mark Danowsky”

Young Ways by Mark Danowsky

not just youth get over-excited draw others in their web where discovery is lauded as if innovation exists given we are most satisfied in small revelatory moments wet ivy glistening with dew fresh picked raspberries wearing sunglasses looking like your favorite self driving toward… Continue Reading “Young Ways by Mark Danowsky”