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Just Visiting by Andy Roberts

I was lost in the ‘40’s for twenty years. Sharp clothes and heroin. I found some comfort there. I was born against my will, like every actor on earth. But I’m in no hurry to leave my sip of black coffee and crisp white… Continue Reading “Just Visiting by Andy Roberts”

Pagan Purples by Andy Roberts

The smallest bees I have ever seen are swarming the foxglove and loosestrife, standing on their heads for nectar in the delphiniums. I stop under the silver maple for shade, where the tiny oak tree fights for light, stem the size of a gnarled,… Continue Reading “Pagan Purples by Andy Roberts”

Too Close For Comfort by Andy Roberts

A guitar strummer sat down among us in fifth grade and taught me a lesson I still forget – until I see it in the eyes of someone I’m teaching chords to. The bully who beckons his muse onstage to sing his love song,… Continue Reading “Too Close For Comfort by Andy Roberts”