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Big Man by Julie Diane Gates

There you are on the floor of the bathroom passed out. I ran past the glistening blinking Christmas lights to the guest room where my mother was sleeping And young Caroline, zombified, in her transient coming of age to leaving the nest bare bedroom.… Continue Reading “Big Man by Julie Diane Gates”

China Doll by Julie Diane Gates

A China doll isn’t Chinese. She’s made of China. Her makeup, painted in fine brush strokes Is permanent, but not tattooed. Her coif will forever remain set and breeze-resistant Because she does and does not live in a sheltered encased world. She’s impervious to… Continue Reading “China Doll by Julie Diane Gates”

Picasso by Julie Diane Gates

I’m in your blue period, Poppy. Take me back to Cancun where you can see all of me and spoil me. You didn’t finish what you started And it was unfair of you to leave me with your blue feet. We were supposed to… Continue Reading “Picasso by Julie Diane Gates”

Silver by Julie Diane Gates

You can’t find that half ounce of mercury Shrunken to the base of the priceless miniscule vial Buried at the center of the iceberg In the Antarctic. Hack away with your foolish man-made tools, drills, hatchets, and axes, If you must, But you’ll only… Continue Reading “Silver by Julie Diane Gates”