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Marilyn and Jonalyn by Deborah Byrne

Twice a month, our mothers went to the Kontiki Palace. Told us tales that made us want to be old enough to date- gussied up in rhinestone strap dresses, shoes dyed to match, going with the greased-back-hair guys dressed in shark skin suits that… Continue Reading “Marilyn and Jonalyn by Deborah Byrne”

A Strong Desire for Something Filling by Deborah Byrne

I spend time in grocery stores. Eying food, touching the lightness of bread, savoring the dirt smell of tomatoes. I’m a hungry person. Our mother brought home a puppy we couldn’t afford to feed. She locked it in the shed that held ghosts of… Continue Reading “A Strong Desire for Something Filling by Deborah Byrne”

Devil Sighting in Kidron, Ohio by Deborah Byrne

The women stir cauldrons of apple butter in rhythm to screams. They don’t look up as windows shatter and animal howls strike loose the last leaves of a sugar maple. I am told this is how the Amish take care of their insane. They… Continue Reading “Devil Sighting in Kidron, Ohio by Deborah Byrne”

Farthest Thoughts by Deborah Byrne

Mummy fragments were stolen, broken up and crushed into powder, which was sold as an aphrodisiac well into the 18th century. -From The Search for Ancient Egypt No stone husband. No clay lovers. She’s been left with alabaster servants to face the length of… Continue Reading “Farthest Thoughts by Deborah Byrne”