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How Long & How? by Jeffrey Taylor

I can be compassionate for someone without wanting them to be president. I can want them gone from that position without pulling the trigger myself. I can want them gone and want the path to that end be right. There will be unhappiness when… Continue Reading “How Long & How? by Jeffrey Taylor”

Immigrants by Jeffrey Taylor

The fish and chips on the table are an idea imported from England. The English had to wait for potatoes to emigrate from Peru, put down roots, acclimatize, settle in, assimilate. Tikka masala arrived later, a bank shot emigre from India, via England. But… Continue Reading “Immigrants by Jeffrey Taylor”

Settlers by Jeffrey Taylor

The red oaks are still robed in their green and red glory as we approach Christmas. The hackberry stands quiet in its winter bareness. I do not know the tree with tiny leaves that remain green all winter. Here on the edge of the… Continue Reading “Settlers by Jeffrey Taylor”