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Inarticulate by David Adès

I am trying, still, to touch something, something I cannot name, something that those of faith and bereft of doubt might call God — the inviolate kernel of epiphany — not so much to remove the grey between the black and white as to… Continue Reading “Inarticulate by David Adès”

Living Inside Our Bodies by David Adès

Living inside our bodies we never know the extent of our reach, where the tiny seedpods of our smiles are blown, where they lodge, where they reside deep in memory, how long they endure emitting their silent love, how much they become beacon, they… Continue Reading “Living Inside Our Bodies by David Adès”

On the Shelf by David Adès

You turned the wheel — I spun around: but I was not clay to your hands, I did not shape to your image, my imperfections would not vanish. Now you have left me here, fired and glazed, hard and set.

Two Women, Two Paths by David Adès

1. One woman is holding on white-knuckled hard. She wears her grief buttoned up tight holding herself within it fearing her own disappearance fearing air on skin fearing the world beyond him. She takes it to her bed as talisman as substitute as protector… Continue Reading “Two Women, Two Paths by David Adès”