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Because by Stephen Cramer

Because I’m a skeleton wearing a few inches of flesh & some jeans I’m going to rub my face on some wild columbine & learn how to live on rocky slopes, sing all the neighbors’ stares into my direction, suck on this rice like… Continue Reading “Because by Stephen Cramer”

Blues in Blue by Stephen Cramer

Some days they shadow me like a badly dubbed film, lines lagging just behind the lips. Don’t talk to me about serenity. One guy ate an airplane piece by piece over two years, but he still couldn’t fly. Maybe the things I’ve believed in… Continue Reading “Blues in Blue by Stephen Cramer”

The Microphone Speaks by Stephen Cramer

The Microphone Speaks: So this is how it feels to be outdated: watching headsets couple with main acts every night while I haven’t had a date for months. Go ahead, call me the vestigial organ of the music industry. I am the myth of… Continue Reading “The Microphone Speaks by Stephen Cramer”