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My Granddaughter, Almost Twenty by Michael Craig Kasper

I watch my granddaughter Walk before me Or rather, I watch the men Staining their necks As they watch her walk by, Young hips swaying like the sea Oblivious. And I am proud That the blood of my blood Can draw such rapture Such… Continue Reading “My Granddaughter, Almost Twenty by Michael Craig Kasper”

The Dancing Trees by Michael Craig Kasper

There was a stand of trees Where the road from work Teed into the road home. They would dance in the wind, So close, their branches mingled, If one moved, they all moved, Choreographed. I would sit at the light, Waiting to turn, and… Continue Reading “The Dancing Trees by Michael Craig Kasper”

Whistle Stop by Michael Craig Kasper

some minor city in Illinois past midnight, the neon signs running on the wet pavement the tavern hard by the tracks we stop here to let one off or two get on — minutes of stillness in the long rough night I watch him… Continue Reading “Whistle Stop by Michael Craig Kasper”