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Ablaut Reduplication by Alan L. Birkelbach

Things must be in this order then: Opinion, size, age, shape, color, noun. And so on. It is an easy enough thing to remember. Sweet small young round brown bear. The mnemonics of our lives. Don’t say it another way. You will be made… Continue Reading “Ablaut Reduplication by Alan L. Birkelbach”

Finally Setting Questions Aside by Alan L. Birkelbach

To be distrustful of questions is the best way to translate three ravens clustered in front of a house I was considering buying. Even just a few months ago I would have steeped the moment with symbolism. The sheen of wing. Their beaded eyes… Continue Reading “Finally Setting Questions Aside by Alan L. Birkelbach”

Ten Months After The Divorce by Alan L. Birkelbach

It is a cave we can only see at low-tide, the moss drifting like the hair of drowned mermaids, the sea-stars clinging futilely to the rocks.

What is Significant by Alan L. Birkelbach

Sitting on a bench at the dog park a younger woman, someone who I assumed was intelligent because she was attractive, said to me, “You have a dangerous dog breed.” A single man has to double-consider statements like that. When God leaned over to… Continue Reading “What is Significant by Alan L. Birkelbach”

When they would tear books up so they wouldn’t be resold by Alan L. Birkelbach

It was always New Year’s of a sort I guess. That book was last year’s gospel. You can’t read it anymore. Here’s a new and different one. It was like getting dumped in junior high by a girl. Everything had changed! You leaned blind… Continue Reading “When they would tear books up so they wouldn’t be resold by Alan L. Birkelbach”