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Sushi on McKinney with Yvette by Meghan Ehrlich

This is what I remember, before you left: The fibrous tearing crunch through seaweed into rich salty salmon, the calm click of slides changing (the sea; gliding fish; anemones like reaching hands), our sensual conspiracy of smiles, your extravagant thinness and elegance of line,… Continue Reading “Sushi on McKinney with Yvette by Meghan Ehrlich”

This Day by Meghan Ehrlich

This is a day to wear. Grackles whistle and click in the leaves, damp plaid flannel shirts salute, flap from balconies, fragrant green horse-apples molder underfoot. I lay out my laundry, too, like an offering, like a sponge.  I will keep this sun in… Continue Reading “This Day by Meghan Ehrlich”