Two Different Dogs by Martin Christmas

Two Different Dogs

Out on a morning street trek,
coming towards me,
an elderly woman
pushing a stroller with
a small grey child in it.

Up close I see I need
a Spec Saver check up,
a little grey Yorkshire terrier.

We chat– the lady and I–
that is.
‘When she gets tired,
she climbs into the stroller
for the rest of the walk,
my husband loves her white beard.’
They are off again,
this human and dog combo.


A dog shoots out
and bites my ankle.
Yap. Yap. Yap. Yap.
A small Pomeranian.
Loud, very loud for such a
very small dog.

I cross to the other side
of the road.
It retreats inside the property
to catch another unwary ankle.

Two different dogs.

People are like dogs.

Keep your anger in your pants!