Media Butterfly by A. J. Howells

you’ve got something to say,
just like the rest of us.
There’s got to be someone out there
who will hear your call to arms
and take note
and change his mind.
Then you’ll be the victor
of the spoils.

So draft up your manifesto
and use LOTS OF CAPS
and plenty of exclamations!!!!
Don’t forget to call for shaming:
the dog whistle to the mob
you can hide behind.

For liberals: remain politically correct
and slash the gender from your language.
Take the higher ground.

For conservatives: eschew decent and taste
because those libtard socialist commie cucksuckers
have it coming.

to hear the most echoes
and wait for the juiciest fruit
of the rotten apple pie tree
to appear in your comments thread
and unload your verbal clip upon these #h8trs.

Cut your hand off
and pat your own back with it.
Make sure there’s blood on your lapel
so you can bring up your sacrifice
at the Thanksgiving table.

Then do your job,
pay your taxes,
and die
with an irremovable smile on your face
and no balls in your side pocket.