Deeper Lives by Carolyn Cordon

The sky, the horizon, my love for both
Love for people – family, friends
Honesty eternal, it never ends

Truthful engagement, heart and soul –
Follow the sky up to the stars
Or horizon’s line that mankind mars

Pathways followed, dead ends, or none
The journey, life’s lessons, go where you will
Learning continues if you’re breathing still …

Why are we here, do you know? I don’t
‘Cept failure to learn for what life will give
Makes a lie of a life, you have to LIVE!

Life spent unlived is life spent as a dolt
So many chances, people to love
And opportunities from Nature above

As every pear tree bears better if tended
So a life lived will bear fruit too
I love the ‘pears’ life gives, don’t you too?

Fossick around, dig deep as you go
Ask questions and listen, open your head
Live or life, or you’d be better off dead

Time spent on playthings, on nothings,
Fripperies, on mere lightweight fluff
These will show you’re not thinking enough

Thoughts, ideas, questions and answers
These can get most you the most from your life
Deeper lives come from troubles and strife …