Sunset Adieu by Martin Christmas

Sun sets. Cloud tips gold.
Silver exhaust jets
upward through the blue.

Sun’s rays fade.
Nodding yachts
silently dip their masts.

Water surface scuds a fond farewell.
Sea gulls almost now departed.

Mum’s framed image
propped up in the front seat,
takes a gentle general salute.

Fine Romance,
Gemini 4,
in place at berths,
as she’d remember them.

Sky softens with a fading pink.
Freeman’s Landing–
silent falls, at the loss of this
always constant visitor.

Mum looks calmly over all.
The window down as she would wish.

Adieu, sweetie, fond farewell.
Your trick is done.
Your sleep has come.
The sea will claim you shortly.
Ashes to ashes
fond farewell.

Darkness. Lights of a passing ship.
The rain drums across the windscreen.

The solemn mood is broken.
Night falls.
The chill settles.
Freeman’s Landing becomes another’s haven.
A car pulls up with different memories, resolutions.