Mount Everest Cockroach by Martin Christmas

Standing at base camp
in the dark of early night
watching this huge cockroach
not even donning
an oxygen tank
about to climb
to the summit
of Mount Everest
and off it goes.

Easily scaling the
rough trunk terrain
the breaks in the track
the sudden death –
to you or me
very fast.

I gaze in awe
as it rests halfway
to the summit.
Consummate climber
this Mount Everest cockroach.

A brief stop – for breath?
Do cockroaches breathe?
Off again fast
no rarefied air
will slow this critter

It disappears
in the foliage
of the tree
and I am left
to wonder
how would I cope
if I was this
Mount Everest cockroach?

Maybe in the next life.