Final Fifteen Minutes by Martin Christmas

Cabin in deep forest
home alone in upstairs flat.

Final fifteen minutes
midday movies
creepy music.

Young woman
older guy or younger
shonky lover
the ending won’t be pretty.

He arrives by car
by lift by open window
music heavy light
but always ominous.

The car gravels to the cabin door
the upstairs door is keyed silently
the gun
the music
Tense talk
‘I can’t let you do that’
‘Robert will be home soon’
eyes connect
breath quickens
climatic music.

to the floor collapse
blood and . . . TV ad break.
Back into it.

Door broken open
Another gunshot
smashed window fall
Then always
everything ok
soft fade music
pan to forest
to New York sky line
to clouds
to slow blackout
all’s well that . . .